From Filnau, we try to adapt to the needs of our customers, not only in manufacturing but also offering a value added through services such as:

  • Service urgency 48 h

  • Deliveries in 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 days by type.

  • I + D Department available for both improvements and new creations that you may need.

  • Quality Department in continuous development.

  • Maintaining a large stock fabric to cover all your needs.

  • Repair service filters not to cause more costs necessary to our customers.

  • Coded filters for future orders (involves a substantial improvement in agility and completed order).

Test laboratory

Thanks to a testing lab where we get to find out the specifics of each product and thus adapt the necessary complement type, considering the characteristics of the process either ATEX FDA or any other needs for handling.

Urgency 24/48 Hours

Emergency service, assistance and deliveries 24/48 hours.

I + D

A specific solution for each case. Our I + D team helps you to develop any type of filter that is in use within their instalacionesm creating improved systems and an evolution in the way they work.