The story of Filnau, started on 1994 with its founder, José Costa Oliveras with over 40 years of experience., He decided to found a modern and dynamic company, which is aware about environmental problems that concern every day to society.

Willing to give innovative solutions and to constantly improve the space in which we live, joined forces, knowledge and dedication to create the signature Filnau. Thanks to extensively trained workers and forms of work faced to the end customer, it has become a benchmark in this sector.

The wide range of possibilities both in wet way like in dry way, gives you the experience to be the most agile firm, acquiring all the advances at our disposal to meet the needs of our customers.

We produce solutions for our customers, We make any type of fabric, turning it into a filter for the wide variety of machinery on the market, whether in chemical industry, pharmaceutical, alimentary, etc.

Our philosophy is to give active and forceful solutions to our customers, reaching the goal of becoming an important part of your business.

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